The Hokey Pokey – Is it really what it’s all about?

Sometimes we need to get turned around, but instead we end up in a flurry of spinning, spinning, spinning, until… well, you know what happens next.

Read more about my embarrassing experience which led me to ask the very thought provoking question, “Is the Hokey Pokey really what it’s all about?”

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My son is now 14 years old – the same age I was when I experienced significant loss and trauma. How does this affect me 29 years later?

Whether you or someone you walk along side has experienced death of a loved one, unfaithfulness within marriage, witnessed or experienced trauma, or has lived during a world-wide pandemic, learn about hypervigilance (a trauma response) and steps toward hope and healing.

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The Grieving Person’s Christmas Guide

It’s difficult to know how to meander Christmas when you’re just not feeling it. As someone who has meandered many holidays with grief looming overhead, today I am sharing spiritual encouragement and practical tips on how to embrace your grief while having a deep appreciation for this season.

What encouragement or tips do you have for grieving well through the holidays?

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The Upper Hand

Who has the upper hand in all this chaos? Let God’s word remind and reassure you of who He is and His role for today’s circumstances.

Join me for today’s “Moment of Prayer”, designed to take only one minute to read. At the end of the prayer, you will find additional reading to encourage you.

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