Each event will be:

  • customized, 
  • engaging, 
  • actionable,
  • and transformative!

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Leadership/Volunteer Events

Christian Events

Marriage Events

Recovery/Support Group Events

Events Supporting the Hurting

Effective Teaching for Men and Women


In-depth Bible teaching

General topics: grief, goal building/achieving, variety of social justice issues, sexual abuse, abortion, etc.

"Thriving vs. Surviving Through Transitions"

"Intermingling of Joy and Suffering"

"Wrestling of Faith and Emotion"

"Communication 101: Improving every relationship today!"

"Bring it on! Discovering a joy and purpose-filled life."

"Gospel Listening: Learning to HEAR the world around you."


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What the audience has to say...

"... Halee's lessons are full of illustrations, and her background as an engineer bring her love of data into her teaching... [this] adds depth and real life application out in a way that very few teachers have been able to do for me." - Chris A.


"Halee Wood is a gifted speaker, coach, teacher and visionary. She engages with her audience and isn't afraid to get down to the nitty gritty. She speaks truth but is mindful to weave grace throughout. I love hearing her teach!" - Lili S.


"Halee is an awesome teacher and writer! She is not only engaging and fun, but she truly cares and loves people." - Josè H.


"Grounded, insightful Bible study + creative teaching + vulnerable, authentic story-telling + real-world experience" - Brian J.


"Not only is Halee a wonderful teacher, she has an amazing story to share with the world! She is an inspiration to young and old and helps others find joy in the journey through genuine love of people."  - Gina M.

Interested in hiring a husband/wife team?

Halee and Ron Wood (LPC/LADC), married almost 20 years, are a dynamic duo providing experience, knowledge and information!

Book Halee for your next event!

Halee happily serves live audiences as well as pre-recorded or on-line live events. Please send us your questions and take a step toward booking your next event!

Take a look! Enjoy some of Halee's recorded events:

Witness to the Intellect: Acts 17 (note: Halee starts ~ 35-minute mark)

Don't leave any evidence unturned! Dig in with Halee to evaluate the evidence the Apostle Paul presented to the intellects of Athens. What is your response after hearing the evidence?

Hidden Hope: All Things New (note: Halee starts ~ 23-minute mark)

Jesus has fulfilled the New Covenant, but what does that mean for you and me in the 21st Century? Hear Halee's testimony in this sermon, and learn how God is continually making all things new for each of us.

Get Ready for Restoration: Lessons from Ezekiel (note: Halee starts at around the 35-minute mark)

Have you ever felt like your life was ripped away? In the midst of suffering, God has a very powerful message for His people - He exists, you matter to Him, and He has the power to restore you.


Inside Out: The Intersection of Feelings and Faith, Part 2 (note: Halee starts at around the 35.30 minute mark)

God gives us emotions to propel us, not to sink us! So what should we do when sorrow or suffering comes? Is there any plan or value in these very difficult seasons of life?

Treasure God with Your Gifts

Let medical science, faith and the Holy Spirit intertwine for something fabulous and life giving! All good gifts to us by God are designed to be received and then again given away. It is within the "giving away" that fulfillment and satisfaction comes as our character more fully develops and becomes more like God's. Hang on through this whole sermon!


Tough Questions: What does God say about women?

Throughout history, tradition and behaviors have clouded perspectives regarding God's view and commands about women. Halee teams up with Brian Jennings, pastor of Highland Park Christian Church in Tulsa, OK to dig into some of the truths and misconceptions about this topic, especially in regards to the role of women in ministry.

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