Special thank you to our contributing authors in this project and the communities in which they serve: Dave Dunson, Gabrielle Green, Josè Heredia, Brian Jennings, Seongwoo Kang , Dane Tyner, LeRon West, Halee Wood

I (Halee Wood) am very grateful for a group of pastors and community leaders around the world who have teamed up with us to provide a series of devotionals to provide refuge and clarity during turbulent times. Our difficult circumstances often beckon us to make them the center of attention. Rather than giving the circumstances the upper hand, we invite you into these pages where Jesus is the central focus and the Holy Spirit has been invited to work supernaturally through us. The common work of the Holy Spirit is to bring unfathomable peace, discernment, endurance and beauty both within the turbulent times and beyond.

If you find these devotionals helpful, please share them with a friend!

(Special Note: These devotionals were originally published during the "safer at home" orders due to the Covid-19 outbreaks in 2020 but are applicable to many of life's difficult circumstances.)

Feature photo credit: Devin Avery

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