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Hello! I'm glad you're here! 

I'm Ron Wood, also know as Halee's husband to the Run the Race Together community! I'm here to let you know how you can add counseling services to your journey if you live in Oklahoma.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC), I believe difficult circumstances do not have to define us and there is the possibility of hope in every situation.

For many years, I have successfully provided a safe, supportive and healing atmosphere for adults and teens who face a variety of issues including mental/emotional health concerns, relational issues, grief, trauma/abuse, disruptive and addictive behaviors, and substance use issues (including prescription medications, alcohol and other drugs). I focus on being compassionate and culturally competent, and I welcome you to bring your faith into the counseling experience.

Our family has unique and personal understanding of many of life’s difficult circumstances yet we have engaged in healthy healing strategies and are thriving today. In addition to working as a counselor, Halee and I participated in and were Ministry Leaders of a Celebrate Recovery program for over a decade and continue serving together within the community and through this on-line ministry, Run the Race Together. It is my privilege to walk with you through your unique journey while you grow in skill, confidence, and hope.

Start here...

  • For individual sessions,
    • using medical insurance, book sessions through Resolve Behavioral Health. Call 918-205-4148 or click here for more information about in-person or telehealth counseling.
    • using self-pay, email [email protected].
  • For Couple's Coaching with Ron and Halee (Certified Life and Relationship Coach), start with your Free Introductory Coaching Session! Book now!

Learn more about Couple's Coaching or Individual Life Coaching.


Ron specializes in, but is not limited to:


Adoption Support/Parenting

Anger Management


Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution

Compulsive Behaviors

Coping Skills

EMDR Trained


Life Decisions/Change

Marriage/Relationship Challenges


Mental/Emotional Health


Sexual Concerns/Issues

Spiritual Counseling

Substance Use Issues

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