The Day Justin Bieber Made Me Cry (Sort of)

Written by Ron Wood -

Today, I got to celebrate great relationships, help out a few people, and take in some wonderful sights! It started with a client who told me he is discontinuing counseling because he is feeling and doing much better and believes that, as a result of our time together, the issues for which he came to counseling have been resolved. To a counselor - this is an incredible compliment!


Throughout the day, I experienced valuable moments with people with whom I have great, long-standing relationships. Via telehealth, my last appointment of the day was with a man I have not seen in two months because he had been hospitalized after a serious accident. When the video came on and his face lit up with a big smile, it was such an emotional moment for me. This is why I'm not an accountant; the relationships I make as a counselor are deeply meaningful. I desire to be around people, hear their stories, go beyond surface level, and come alongside them when they hurt, struggle, or are stuck and want change.


The last few years have brought many changes in the ways we connect with one another. While serving at our church's food bank early in the pandemic, I was almost 10-minutes into a conversation with a man that had come to receive food when he said, "Do I know you? Where do you work?" After telling him, he lowered his mask and exclaimed, "Man! You were my counselor!" I instantly recognized him and remembered his name. It was so nice to see him again, but it was disheartening that, as a result of the masks, we had treated each other like strangers.


As people designed for genuine human interaction, the separation brought about as the result of the pandemic has had significant impacts on the mental and emotional health of many. But, today, my dear friend Cindy called to ask if I could provide her, her aunt, and her aunt's granddaughter a ride to the Justin Bieber concert.


There are some people in life I can say not to, but Cindy and her husband Jim are not among them. I'll always jump at the opportunity to bless them because, over the past 20 years of being friends with them, they have immeasurably blessed my family and me.


Tonight, as I drove near the arena looking for a good drop-off spot, I discovered something unexpected. It was a beautiful evening, people were walking in from every direction, and there were smiles EVERYwhere - including the police officer directing traffic. Seeing their smiles, I too began to feel happy; in fact, tears began streaming down my cheeks as I realized how much seeing their smiling faces uplifts me, and, in the age of mask-wearing, that is apparently something I have been missing and longing to see.


In his book, "Lost Connections", author/journalist Johann Hari identifies that thousands of years ago, people banded together in tribes or clans to ensure survival; isolation was not willingly chosen and was likely a death threat. He believes our human history of being reliant on our relationships with others for survival is hard-wired into us and therefore being disconnected from others is a key driver for feelings of depression and anxiety.


Similarly, William Glasser who formulated Reality Therapy, posits that depressive and anxiety symptoms often stem from fractures or dysfunction in one or more significant relationships. The more I work as a counselor, the more I see these theories to be true, and I see it as my job to help those I serve feel loved, valued, heard, and seen above all else. There are always practical skills to teach, but listening well and being present in the moment are equally impactful. Relationships matter - period.


So whether life is going along without a hitch or there's a challenge at every turn, making genuine relationships with family and friends a priority is imperative to our overall well-being, and sharing goodness within our brief encounters in a restaurant, gas station, or grocery store isn't such a bad idea either! For me, I'm also choosing to embrace the smiles of others - whether they are smiling at me or, like Winnie the Pooh, they're just smiling because it makes their face feel better.

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4 thoughts on “The Day Justin Bieber Made Me Cry (Sort of)”

  1. WOW I say WOW , you 2 are so talented, you both find ways to help & heal peeps , thank you Ron for sharing the formulation of this article, when we last spoke, great job

    1. Well Jim, as usual I thought I’d run the idea past you first before going into full production. Thanks for years of support!

  2. AHHHH! Halee, Thank you! Thank you for sharing Ron’s Rambling with us! You are correct, he is an excellent editor, I don’t ever miss Halee’s “Run the Race Together”! But today, I was fortunate to receive an email from you stating we are missing out by not getting to hear from your husband more directly and I couldn’t agree with you more! I am more than excited to see your addition! You two make the BEST team in all aspects of life that I have ever witnessed, and I am so very honored and proud to say you are my friends! Way to go Ron! Great Article! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Sue! Your words are very encouraging and I’m glad you have been enjoying all the RTRT content. Thank you for your support.

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