A moment of prayer... 

“A moment of prayer..." posts allow you to borrow a prayer when you have no words of your own.

(Halee Wood journals many of her prayers. Originally prayed and imagined on February 5, 2021, the week her husband tested positive for COVID-19.)

(Imagine yourself, face down, at the feet of Jesus. Breathe deeply... in through your nose, out through your mouth.) "Slow my mind. Bring me to a place where I can see, know, and feel Your presence." (Take in His presence. Breathe. Repeat.)

(He places His hands firmly on your back.) "Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your presence, Your grace, and Your love." (Take in His touch. Breathe. Repeat.)

"Help me to recall and dwell on all that is beautiful, true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and excellent... You, O Lord, are worthy of my praise." (He places His hands on your head. Breathe deeply. Recall His blessings in your life. Dwell on the beauty of His creation.)

"I love You, Lord, and I lift my voice to worship You." (Take in His power. Breathe!)

(Slowly raise to the sitting position and look Him in the eyes.) "Destroy every proud thought that keeps me from knowing You, and capture every rebellious thought - leaving me only with the possibility of fully submitting my mind to You." (Know Him. Breathe.)


"Peace. Presence. Joy."

(Breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth.)


"Peace. Presence. Joy."

(Again... in through your nose and out through your mouth.)


"Peace. Presence. Joy."


"Peace. Presence. Joy."

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3 thoughts on “Breathe.”

  1. Oh Halee, I’m so sorry to hear that Ron’s got the dreaded COVID. I pray that his symptoms are mild, and you and the boys are able to steer clear of the virus.
    This post is so awesome! I love how good it made me feel following along with each step! You will always be my earth Angel! God knew exactly who I needed in my life when I met you! I will be forever grateful for my step daughter Liz for encouraging me to come to church with them!
    Thank you Halee! I love you my friend! Be safe!! Stay well!!

    1. Thank you so much, Sue! Your love and prayers are felt. I’m so grateful the prayer connected for you. I never really know if how I’m relaying the prayers will allow you all to experience it in the rich way in which I experienced it, so hearing your experience is so refreshing to me! I love and cherish you! (and Liz is my hero for bringing you to us!)

      1. I love you and your family Halee! And yes!! Liz is my Hero too! I think of her and their family as more than “I married into” family! She is my daughter even though I wasn’t the one who gave her life! I am Blessed beyond measure!

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