What do armpits and love have in common?

1 Corinthians 13 provides a laundry list of things that “love is…” The attributes listed in this chapter are only truly fulfilled by God, but, because we are made in His image, is it possible we can experience this type of love by human hands and hearts?

I don’t write prose often, but this one came flowing from my heart to my pen as I recalled these stories about God’s love through human hands.

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I’m SO grateful for the many people who have encouraged me through my healing and recovery from abuse, but some chose language that made me feel like I was the cause of my abuse and that I didn’t matter. In today’s post, you will learn one way people unintentionally use dismissive language, deeply wounding those who have already been wounded.

Thank you for engaging in this very important topic and considering how you can make a difference.

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