Feeling “Not Good Enough”

A moment of prayer… 

Sometimes we want to pray, but it is hard to find the words. “A moment of prayer…” posts allow you to borrow a prayer when you have no words of your own.

(Halee Wood journals many of her prayers. This prayer was originally prayed on 2/1/13.)

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we could walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

I admit feelings of “I’m not good enough.” I don’t always understand the root of the feelings other than Satan because I know it is not from You. Lord, help me to see me as You see me. I believe Your love is perfect, and if I can see myself through Your eyes it will help me better align all my priorities and to love better and with right intentions.

Please forgive me for the many times per day in which I get frustrated with myself – Your workmanship… I constantly feel I need to do more and do it better… for who, what and by what standards I do not know. Thank You for loving me enough to send Your son and to write my life’s script… the good works.

Lord, help me to have insight to the good works in which You have chosen for me today – nothing more, nothing less. If I try to do more good works than You have scripted for me, then it is for the wrong reasons like trying to control things, to please “man” or fulfill a lack of something else in my life. If I do less, that is for the wrong reasons like laziness, wrong priorities, or fear. I praise You for all You have planned, and today I choose to walk boldly in those plans.


2 thoughts on “Feeling “Not Good Enough””

  1. As children we naturally seek approval and love. So we learn to suffocate our real personality and become the good child, at the price of turning into an adult who never feels a sense of worth.

    1. Thank you for the thoughts and a good reminder to be intentional with our children by encouraging them to not suffocate their personality and emotions.

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