No Limits

Who is that person in your life that consistently reminds you of God’s awesomeness?

Carolyn, whom I met through the Red House Writer’s Collective, definitely checks that box for me!

Her love and faith in God are SO contagious. She is an accomplished writer and speaker… and, did I mention, she is blind? May Carolyn’s life be a testimony to each of us – that the love, grace and power of God has absolutely no limits despite our perspective of insurmountable circumstances.

Allow Carolyn Dale Newell and her amazing guide dog, Iva, to steal your heart and encourage you through today’s devotion. I am so grateful for her willingness to share her time and talents with us.


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Middle School

I can’t be more excited about the guest writer today – Reese Wood.

Reese is our 14 year old son, who is a gifted writer among other things. This is a speech he recently gave to his 8th grade class, reminiscing about their years of Middle School.

This short post reminds us that every person at every age has been affected by the happenings of the world – yet so many things have remained the same… like puberty.

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The Mother’s Day Divide

“Happy Mother’s Day!” people will exclaim this coming Sunday. Motherhood is so worth celebrating, but what if it’s not a “happy” Mother’s Day for you?

There are many reasons Mother’s Day might be a difficult day for you. Today’s post is not a practical “how-to”; instead you will find permission to grieve and a space to discover glimpses of joy in the midst of that grief.

If you are grieving during this season, know that you are not alone. Let us know how we can pray for you.

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What Will You Find If You Look Closely?

Have you ever shared sensitive information about yourself with a friend only to have them misuse it? What a painful feeling to be rejected, talked about, or “stabbed in the back” after trusting someone.

In today’s devotion, David dives deep into transparency and humility by giving God complete access to everything about his life, but then he takes it even further – he asks God for feedback on all that He finds.

Wow. That is some confidence I struggle to have. Do I really want to know what He will find? Can I trust Him with all this information?

How about you? Are you willing to go there?

I pray today’s devotional will grow your trust and perspective of our Creator.

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