The Screaming Clock

“Grrr…. I have things to do,” I grumble in my head.

Our 3 year old, recently adopted son, Hyun, fell asleep at a strange time, and he is on the couch rather than the bed.  When I go to move him off the couch, he begins screaming and crying as if he is having a nightmare, so rather than move him, I just lean back on the couch and lay him on my chest.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  I typically frantically work during nap time to get things checked off my “to-do” list.

I can see our clock from where I sit…


The clock moves from 11:45, 11:46, 11:47…

“If I don’t get this stuff done now, when will I do it?”


11:55, 11:56

“I can’t even do something relaxing; I can’t reach my book or the TV remote; I’ll just move him to the bed now so I can get stuff done.”  But in the back of my heart I hear, “Halee, just be still with him.”


“Really?”  The clock is screaming at me.


I finally stop grumbling, and I make a decision to just be still.  A precious song by Kari Jobe fills my mind, “Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.  Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.  Your glory, God, is what my heart longs for; to be overcome by Your presence, Lord.”

12:20, 12:21

Hyun is experiencing the feel of my beating heart, the growl and roll of my stomach.  With each breath that I take, his whole body is moving up and down.

“God, what are you doing in this moment?  Are you up to something?  Show me, Father.”

12:42, 12:43

With each beat, growl and breath, He is giving Hyun and I a moment that we did not get to experience together through 9 months of pregnancy.  I am accomplishing the only task I was meant to do at this moment.

1:01, 1:02

Complete peace with accomplishing nothing in my kitchen, on the computer or phone.  I am simply enjoying one of the greatest gifts ever given to me, knowing that God is continually accomplishing what I cannot do on my own.

Psalm 46:10 says that if we will just be still and KNOW that He is God, then He will be exalted among the nations and in all the earth… Thoughtlessly doing any task accomplishes nothing, but taking the time to know that He is God can change everything… especially my attitude.

Thank You Father for flooding our place, for giving us all our hearts long for.  What a very special moment in which I learned more about You and Your love for us. – Amen.

Link to the song “Holy Spirit”

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