-"I REALLY love it when Halee teaches. Her passion and emotion for the Lord's message is inspiring..."

-"...Her lessons are full of illustrations, and her background as an engineer bring her love of data into her teaching... [this] adds depth and real life application out in a way that very few teachers have been able to do for me."

-"...Halee's analytical method of Bible study has shown me entirely new ways to experience God's word as I continually pursue His truths."


Leadership/Volunteer Events

General Christian Retreats/Events

Marriage Retreats/Events

Recovery/Support Group Events

Events Supporting the Hurting/Poor

Effective teaching for men and women


General, in-depth Bible Teaching

Healthy Grieving

Unity in Diversity

Battling Complacency

Becoming All Things To All People

Thriving Rather Than Surviving

And many more...


Contact us for speaker rates. Special considerations can be made for non-profits. Also consider utilizing Halee and her husband Ron (a Licensed Professional Counselor and excellent teacher) as team speakers for your event. Email us for more information at info@runtheracetogether.com

Bring Run The Race Author, Halee Wood, to your next event!

A dynamically, rich speaker and writer, Halee captivatingly delivers information, truth and inspiration to secular and non-seculars groups.

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