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Hello! I'm glad you're here! 

I hope you've had an opportunity to read or hear my story (find it here). If you have, then you have a glimpse as to why I serve others through Life and Relationship Coaching - I deeply desire to share even a portion of what God has given me. He has provided me the ability to thrive after tremendous loss and trauma, to make major life transitions with joy, and to live life daily with purpose.

In addition to Life Coaching, I have provided in-depth mentoring and discipling for decades through my career, ministry through Celebrate Recovery and with many others who have invited me into their lives along the way.

Coaching sessions with me are holistic. I provide support, accountability and utilize incredibly effective coaching techniques to reveal what is holding you back. Together, we discover gifts, skills and passions; possibilities and next steps naturally emerge allowing you to immediately take next steps toward the joy and life of purpose God has prepared. It is such an exciting privilege watch people like you "come alive".

As a Certified Life and Relationship Coach from the Life Purpose Institute, I uphold a strict Code of Ethics, which includes confidentiality. Don't run this race alone, and join me for your free introductory session today!

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Sessions are held by phone, video chat or in-person (Tulsa, OK area; in-person is only available for women).

Free Introductory Session: Find out more about Life Coaching, have a brief experience of how it will benefit you, and decide if I am a good fit. Book now!

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Life After Loss and Trauma

Life after loss and trauma will always be different than life before those things. Whether it is the result of the death of a loved one, loss of a dream, abuse or any other trauma, I will continue to encourage your current healing journey. In addition, I will support and equip you to thrive rather than just survive as you enter the days ahead!


Life Transitions

Transitions in this life are endless: marriage, career change, retirement, empty nest, ministry, high school-college-career. In this exciting season it is common to wrestle with self-doubt or feel at a loss for the next steps. I utilize a strategic, 7-Step Model for Change which promotes a natural emerging of gifts, skills, passions and possibilities, promoting a successful and joy-filled transition!


Feeling Stuck

"I don't feel close to God anymore", "We had so many dreams for our marriage and have never made it happen", "I'm just going through the motions"...

While these feelings are typical, it doesn't have to stay this way. I will coach you through identifying and overcoming blocks so that you can begin living a purpose-filled life!

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