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Hello friends of Run the Race Together!

I know things are crazy in the world right now... I'm not trying to be insensitive to anyone going through really difficult times, but I think it's important to continue sharing good things as well. I hope you are finding plenty of things to be thankful for amidst all the grief, frustrations and unknowns. That being said, can I share some things happening within the "Run the Race Together" (RTRT) ministry? I hope it's encouraging news even to those who are experiencing some of the difficulties of our current state of affairs.

First, starting next week our website will be hosting a new devotional series called "Refuge and Clarity During Turbulent Times". God has knocked my socks off by bringing together a dynamic team of pastors and community leaders from all over the world to lead us in scripture and Biblical insights. So, I hope you will be inspired and encouraged over the next month by these readings, being reminded daily to keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith. You will receive emails through your subscription for each new devo posted, but you can also find the page with more details on our website at Refuge and Clarity During Turbulent Times. Please share this information with others!

Next, we are adding new services to our ministry! Drum roll please... I am now a Certified Life Coach! I have done in-depth mentoring and discipling for decades through my career, Celebrate Recovery and with any others that have invited me into their lives, but the new skills I have acquired will be really valuable to those I get to serve. With permission, I'll share with you some of what my clients have said regarding their coaching experience with me:

  • "Halee has a wonderful gift given to her by our Lord and Savior. If you need direction to help you in your daily-future walk, she will help you find it"
  • "She helped me find answers to questions that I have had for many years. In other words, she made some things in my life seem so easy."

If you are interested in Life Coaching or would like to know more, I encourage you to visit the Life Coaching page and/or the Life Coaching FAQ's. The best way for me to get clients is by word of mouth - If you have ever thought, "I really think ________ could connect with Halee and her story; wish they could meet"... well, now's the chance! The introductory session is free so that you (or a friend) can decide if life coaching is for you and if I'm a good fit. Book the free initial session here! Life Coaching is done predominantly by phone, so I can connect with people anywhere. I will also do in-person sessions (after the pandemic) for women or couples in the Tulsa area.

One last update - our website has received an overhaul! Let me know what you think about the new format. I'm sorry you have to see my face plastered in more places than before. I'm told by marketing people that it's important for the type of work we're doing. I don't love that. I'm terrible at "marketing". Let me know if any of you want to volunteer your great marketing skills - I will accept.

It was actually difficult for me to take the leap of starting this new part of our ministry in the midst of all that's happening in the world, but.. why not? Times such as this is a reminder of why we need to run the race together and spur one another on to keep our eyes fiercely planted on Jesus - which is exactly the mission of RTRT. I hope you are deeply blessed by the upcoming devotional series, and, if you're not connected with us on Facebook - follow us! I occasionally do live events and I post routinely. Whether by Facebook, email, or comments to this post - I hope you find a way to connect with us.

It is such a blessing to have such amazing readers. Now, go run the race together!


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4 thoughts on “Exciting news from RTRT!”

  1. You are a very remarkable person you have a way to get people motivated to serve the lord and help others

    1. Thank you, Cathy. I’m so glad I have the opportunities to do the things I do. I am also surrounded by some amazing people who continually support and encourage me!

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