Through It

Imagine coming face to face with a roaring river. Who, in their right might, would just trudge through it rather than finding a way around or over it?

When dealing with suffering or shame, it seems most logical to just go around it, but is it true that “what you resist persists”? Join me for some Biblical insight into facing the raging river head on, helping us avoid lingering, generational consequences and pain.

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Resurfaced Pain

A smell, picture or a new circumstance can trigger and resurface emotional pain – from circumstances that may have happened even decades ago and even if you dealt with it previously. Personally, I most typically deal with triggers or resurfaced pain regarding the abuse I endured as a teen or regarding grief in losing our son, my parents, and a best friend.

In this article I share three concepts I use to spur healing rather than allowing the trigger to be a fearful nuisance.

What types of circumstances have resurfaced pain for you, and what did you find most helpful? I love to hear from our readers, so please leave a comment.

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