I’m SO grateful for the many people who have encouraged me through my healing and recovery from abuse, but some chose language that made me feel like I was the cause of my abuse and that I didn’t matter. In today’s post, you will learn one way people unintentionally use dismissive language, deeply wounding those who have already been wounded.

Thank you for engaging in this very important topic and considering how you can make a difference.

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Paybacks are…

Is there any person or group of people that, every time you think of them, you writhe with frustration or hope they “rot in hell”?

Whether it is a wrong committed against you, someone you love, or any group of people you are fighting to represent, it is natural to want revenge, consequences or to spew damnation, but, even if they get what they deserve, it can leave you dripping with disappointment.

Though this article travels through a segment of my abuse story, it can be insightful for anyone who is feeling unsatisfied with the consequences for someone who has committed wrongdoing.

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