Practical Steps to Ignite the Holy Spirit

“Am I filled with the Holy Spirit?”

I have days filled with the Holy Spirit and others where I have grieved and quenched Him. The Holy Spirit is a very big deal, so I don’t want us to go a single day apart from what He has to offer.

In today’s post I share a vulnerable confession as well as a very practical step to igniting rather than quenching the Holy Spirit in order to experience both individually and collectively as the body of Christ what He has promised.

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Unique Design-Unique Respect

Each of us have a unique design, and when that design is respected and honored – WOW! We can really thrive.

I am so grateful to introduce you to our guest writer – Dane Tyner, founder and director of Home Improvement Ministry. He shares a few simple ways to respect the uniqueness of others and yourself.

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How To Read Your Bible

Whether you are a new or seasoned Christian – the Bible can feel so intimidating and confusing. Because of this, we often avoid the Bible or rely heavily on the teachings of others without picking it up to verify what we’ve been taught or to deepen our understanding of it.

Today, I am sharing an opportunity that you and I have to learn and grow together in our confidence of how to read the Bible!

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