The Mother’s Day Divide

“Happy Mother’s Day!” people will exclaim this coming Sunday. Motherhood is so worth celebrating, but what if it’s not a “happy” Mother’s Day for you?

There are many reasons Mother’s Day might be a difficult day for you. Today’s post is not a practical “how-to”; instead you will find permission to grieve and a space to discover glimpses of joy in the midst of that grief.

If you are grieving during this season, know that you are not alone. Let us know how we can pray for you.

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The Hokey Pokey – Is it really what it’s all about?

Sometimes we need to get turned around, but instead we end up in a flurry of spinning, spinning, spinning, until… well, you know what happens next.

Read more about my embarrassing experience which led me to ask the very thought provoking question, “Is the Hokey Pokey really what it’s all about?”

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