Are you the egg, carrot, or tea?

What feelings surface for you if I say the word “rest?” Do you feel panic because you just don’t have time for it? How about great anticipation because you are desperately in need of it?

Rest is not just about sleeping or idleness, so join me in Hebrews 4 today to see how rest can impact our lives in a way that positively impacts the world around us!

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Practical Steps to Ignite the Holy Spirit

“Am I filled with the Holy Spirit?”

I have days filled with the Holy Spirit and others where I have grieved and quenched Him. The Holy Spirit is a very big deal, so I don’t want us to go a single day apart from what He has to offer.

In today’s post I share a vulnerable confession as well as a very practical step to igniting rather than quenching the Holy Spirit in order to experience both individually and collectively as the body of Christ what He has promised.

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No Limits

Who is that person in your life that consistently reminds you of God’s awesomeness?

Carolyn, whom I met through the Red House Writer’s Collective, definitely checks that box for me!

Her love and faith in God are SO contagious. She is an accomplished writer and speaker… and, did I mention, she is blind? May Carolyn’s life be a testimony to each of us – that the love, grace and power of God has absolutely no limits despite our perspective of insurmountable circumstances.

Allow Carolyn Dale Newell and her amazing guide dog, Iva, to steal your heart and encourage you through today’s devotion. I am so grateful for her willingness to share her time and talents with us.


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What Will You Find If You Look Closely?

Have you ever shared sensitive information about yourself with a friend only to have them misuse it? What a painful feeling to be rejected, talked about, or “stabbed in the back” after trusting someone.

In today’s devotion, David dives deep into transparency and humility by giving God complete access to everything about his life, but then he takes it even further – he asks God for feedback on all that He finds.

Wow. That is some confidence I struggle to have. Do I really want to know what He will find? Can I trust Him with all this information?

How about you? Are you willing to go there?

I pray today’s devotional will grow your trust and perspective of our Creator.

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