A Well Resourced Plan

God calls us to all sorts of seemingly illogical (certainly not popular) walks in this life. At times during the journey we may experience financial loss, loneliness, chaos, etc. as a direct result of following Him, but do not lose hope because He has fully resourced every single plan He has called you and me into. God is not a magic genie that simply provides the material and relational things we ask, but instead He provides us the desires of our heart in ways that help us grow in relationship with Him and to give the world a glimpse of His power and mercy.

Ron and I are on a new endeavor as he resigned from his salaried position and has moved into group private practice as a counselor. Sounds exciting, right? Yep, right up until we start putting the budget together! We are in a period when Ron's client load is being built and established slowly, and then, for the client's that are not self-pay, we must wait for insurance to pay out (which can be a few months).

Stating these facts about the lack of paychecks doesn't mean I'm worrying. It's simply fact. Sometimes understanding the reality of the situation provides me with perspective of how necessary it is for me to rely on God for everything in my life, and when I seek Him - I always end up with the sweetest experiences and understanding of who He is and how much He loves me.

Enjoy today's video which gives a little glimpse of how God is revealing Himself to our family, and receive some practical application for faith building adventures in your life. Don't forget to subscribe to this website to receive emails with each new post and like/follow us on Facebook @runtheracetogether.com.

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