Devotionals and Prayer

Get into the Bible, then read true stories that bring the applications to life. Grow in your knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ!


Need a boost?

Run the Race offers posts, interviews and resources on a variety of topics - from marriage and parenting to reconciliation, abuse, grief and chronic illness. Come see if we have something that can encourage, inspire or challenge you today!



Men and women alike gain hope and inspiration through the personal story of Run the Race author, Halee Wood.


Need a speaker?

Are you looking for a dynamic and inspirational speaker for your next event? Whether your event is big or small, find out more about what Run the Race has to offer!


Hope that doesn't disappoint?

Life can truly be difficult... There is a God who can give you hope for now and for all eternity. But what if you are angry at Him or have done too much "bad stuff"...? Come find out what it means to follow Jesus Christ.


This site isn't about running - it's about gaining insight and endurance for your life... but, just for a moment, let's consider what it would take to be an avid runner. Do avid runners run only when...

...the weather is perfect? ...they have the right shoes? ...they have the perfect number of people alongside them? ...they have no aches or pains? ...there is only an organized competition?

Avid runners are crazy; they go after it, day after day - and strangely, they love it.

What will it take for you to choose to be an avid runner in this life? If you are waiting for the conditions to be perfect, to have all the right equipment and people - you'll either never join the race or you will constantly be in and out of the race because the conditions won't stay perfect for long.

Throughout the pages of this site, you will find practical, real life stories and truths that will equip and challenge you no matter the conditions of your race, so that you may enjoy this life and have real hope for the future.

The stories on this site are vulnerable and real, but in the midst of being real, I can't help but tell about the saving grace of Jesus Christ; I would have drown long before now if it weren't for Him.

Consider reading some of the devotionals and topical posts - even if they don't specifically pertain to you. If you are a Christ follower, there is no place for complacency or arrogance in our walk after all He's done for us. This will give you an opportunity to listen to and understand other hurting people around you. They are written to also challenge you to be vulnerable - so that on-lookers will realize that you are not Christian because you are perfect but because of your need for a Savior.

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